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Questioning (Vernehmung)

The police will also take a statement from the abuser.
Your bad experiences are not sufficient evidence - it must be proven that the abuser has committed the crime. You can help by providing evidence:

  • Your statement:
    Report all acts of violence that have been committed. Inform the police if you fear further violent acts against you or your children and be specific about what the abuser has threatened.
  • Certified medical statements
  • Witnesses
  • Photographs - Are there damaged objects or other evidence of a fight at your residence that the police could photograph?

The police/constabulary will record your statement. Read this report carefully and sign it only if your statement has been recorded accurately. If it is inaccurate, demand that the necessary changes be made before you sign it.


After questioning

  • Ask the police for the reference number: in Germany (Vorgangsnummer);
    With this information you can inquire at the public prosecutor’s office (Staatsanwaltschaft) about the status of your case.
  • Note down what you have told the police: situation, places, dates, persons involved, sequence of events, the exact wording of threats.
    It may be a long time before court proceedings begin. If your testimony in court differs from the statement you gave the police, it may be used against you.

With the help of a legal advisor or lawyer, you may wish to institute joint action (Nebenklage) in criminal proceedings. You will then be entitled access to the files (Akteneinsicht) and can reread your police statement.

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