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If you do not make a statement

If you are engaged, married, or are related to the abuser by blood or marriage, you have the right to refuse to give evidence (Aussageverweigerungsrecht).

At any point, you can say: »I don’t want to make a statement« (»lch möchte nicht aussagen«). You do not have to give reasons for this, but you must go to the public prosecutor’s office or to court and inform them that you do not want to make a statement.

In Germany, this will probably discontinue proceedings if no further evidence is present, because the court cannot use your former statements.
The file will be kept for several years, and it is possible to resume proceedings (Wiederaufnahme des Verfahrens) should you be willing to give evidence at a later time.

If you decide not to give testimony at the trial, the abuser will be acquitted unless there is other sufficient evidence or he makes a confession (Geständnis).

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