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Why have an »emergency bag«?

Experience has shown that some abusers go into such a rage after a separation that they destroy documents. Therefore, you should try to take the most important documents with you or to copy them.
Pack an »emergency bag« with the most important things and deposit it at a safe place, e.g., at friends, neighbours, work.

»Emergency bag«

  • Identification / passport and the children’s travel papers
  • citizenship identification, if applicable
  • birth certificates / marriage certificate
  • health insurance card for you and the children
  • lease agreement, work contract
  • pension and social welfare documents, as well as notifications from the employment office
  • child custody or protection orders, if applicable
  • copies of bank documents, savings account books, securities
  • jewellery
  • everything needed for a couple of days:
    clothes, hygiene products, school supplies, favourite toys, medicine
  • spare keys to the residence and car
  • address book
  • mementos: diaries, photos, things dear to you

This list is included in a »safety plan« that you can print out, or you should start taking notes now!


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