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What is an argument and what is violence?

Conflicts of interest occur in every relationship. An argument begins.
An argument can degenerate into violence.

An example: Rolf wants to spend the holiday in the mountains where he intends to rent a cottage for the family and go climbing. Amalie would have to keep house and occupy the children who are still too young for hiking. Therefore she would rather go to the sea and stay in a hotel: sunbathing, swimming, and building sandcastles would be ideal. She suggests going on separate holidays.
In the following reactions, you’ll find out what is an argument and what is violence?

»But we went to the sea last year.«He confirms that there is a conflict of interests - and a compromise is not ruled out.

»I’ve slaved away all year for you and the children, now I want something for myself«He speaks his mind. Men who do not speak out are more dangerous, as they keep listening to demands until they are ready to explode.

»You travel all by yourself? You’ll never manage!«He makes her small, undermining her self-confidence: psychological abuse.

He slams the door and leaves the house.When an argument reaches the point that someone gets hurt (verbally, later perhaps physically), it is wise to leave the scene until emotions have cooled down. Remaining in a conflict situation that threatens to become violent is not brave, but irresponsible.

»Every time we stay in a hotel, you meet all sorts of strange people we can’t get rid of.«It makes him feel safer when his partner has contact with no one but him. Isolation is a form of violence, a way to exercise power and control.

»Okay then, I’m gonna freeze our bank account.«He gives her money and takes it away. With economic pressure he exercises power and control.

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